20 Day Gravity Falls Challenge

Day 7: Scariest Moment

Summerween: Act III

During the third act of Summerween, Soos and the kids spend their time strategizing on avoiding the Summerween Trickster. I find this to be the scariest moment entirely for the set up and the design of the Trickster. It has long, boney limbs while having the ability to change its form to resemble that of a giant arachnid. The fact that it cannot be defeated on the outside, proved itself to be life threatening and will kill the kids leaves me fearing for their lives.

Honourable Mention(s): The Ending of Tooth




Oh my gosh since there’s a car behind him, they weren’t filming, right? Does this mean this is how Aaron Tveit walks all the time?

#i think he’s just too into character #like the other actors would be conversing and he’s be like ‘stop this there is a revolution at hand our little lives don’t count at all’ and the actors where like ‘aaron calm down you’re not actually enjolras’ but he is #Aaronjolras 

thank you carlee